We are a marketing research &
consultancy lab
That's our approach!

Our values

We want to work with people who love learning to grow up!


We are proud of the quality of our work.
We want to make it tangible for our clients.


Each decision should generate value for our clients.
Because partnership matters.


We are professional and transparent. Also when it is unconfortable.


We work every day with passion and curiosity.
And we love it!


We reflect on the consequences of each result: as if the company were our own.
And our clients know it.

Team work

We work in team. So our client is never alone.

Our projects

We have a long experience, and we developed a lean and pragmatic approach to business challenges.
Nowadays, we are working on...

  • People understanding

    To be effective brands need to understand what really move people, their deep and emotional motivations, gut feelings and specific mindset.
    We help you capture the right and tasty insights!

  • Personas & Product portfolio

    We help brands identify the most potential and relevant growth opportunities through insightful consumers’ segmentations, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
    We work on personas that can help you design your portfolio selecting the most relevant proposals.

  • Brand Positioning

    We support Brands not only in identifying what they stand for in the people’s mind, but in finding their future destination.
    We provide all the strategic elements to inspire marketing decisions and actions.

  • Communication

    We help brands comprehend the different facets of communication and how a creative solution conveys your brand story and values.
    Whether it’s an ad, a promo, a pack or a sponsorship we are able to capture all the nuances that can make your communication effective and we elaborate our findings in tasty and actionable insights.

  • Product Optimization

    We have a solid experience in supporting brands in product exploration.
    From new product concepts and line extension, to the definition of a new product positioning we deeply investigate all the elements that can create a great product experience.

  • Cultural Insight

    We constantly monitor what happens around us to capture the signals of social changes and the cultural phenomena to reveal new opportunities for your Brand.
    We analyse the cultural environment to get an understanding of what is happening next and the implications for your brand.

  • Digital Understanding

    Our team has a sound knowledge of the digital environment, of mobile and social media dynamics.
    We capture the psychological implications that allow us to see how people move in the social arena and all the insights behind their digital behaviour.

  • Wanna

Our team

Passion drives us, and curiosity helps us stay focused on your quest!

Alessio Neri


Matteo Cantamesse


Our experience helps us to face each challenge as for the first time.

We are a research and consultancy lab, with passion for challenges.

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